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Data warehousing allowed data to go stale…

Enter the “360-Degree Patient View”


360-degree view of the patient provides patient’s transparent medical history and recommended treatments, thus, identifying non-compliance and addressing avoidable care gaps. The latter results in proactive rather than reactive care, therefore, reducing costs and readmissions, which ultimately results in higher quality of care and better quality of life.

The challenge payers face is that

large quantities of patient data is not transformed quickly into meaningful insights that can be used across their organizations as needed. By the time the data can offer decision support, it is already outdated and irrelevant.

Unleash the power of your data and convert it into substantial business benefits:

  • Real-time analytics on health plan performance
  • Managing Healthy and High Risk Population
  • Fraud, waste and abuse detection and prevention
  • Quickly transforming data into meaningful insights
Your DataArt payers expert
Daniel Piekarz
SVP, Head of Healthchare & Life Sciences

Leads business development efforts at DataArt’s Healthcare and Life Sciences Practice, focusing on servicing Pharmaceutical and Healthcare organizations. He joined DataArt in 2013 and, with nearly two decades in Life Sciences IT, brings invaluable experience and deep industry expertise to the company. Dan’s global experience includes providing technology services to over 130 countries in areas such as clinical trial management, prescription benefits management, and pharmaceutical sales automation.

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