Accelerate Your Data & Analytics Journey with Snowflake and Matillion

Learn how to quickly get from diverse data sources to business insights by utilizing a combo of simple, rich and powerful, cloud-native modern data services.

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About the webinar

During the webinar, you will learn how Snowflake and Matillion can help your business with database migration, data ingestion, and ETL applications.  

We will show you these modern data services in action on a step-by-step journey from diverse sources to insights, demonstrating unmatched simplicity, scale, and speed of these solutions.

Join DataArt and Matillion on January 21, to see a Snowflake + Matillion data analytics combo in action and get insight on: 

    • Database migration and data ingestion opportunities 
    • Data integration, transformation, and data quality management 
    • Automation, scheduling, audit, version control for data pipelines 
    • Unstructured data processing 
    • Time travel and data protection with Snowflake
    • Data sharing, data exchangeand much more


Alexey Utkin

Principal Solution Consultant at DataArt, based in London, UK

Oleg Komissarov

Principal Consultant at DataArt, based in New York, USA

Chris Tuerpe

Solutions Architect at Matillion, based in Denver, USA