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Enable business agility and innovation by modernizing your data platforms and analytics

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More than ever before, businesses today are recognizing the vital role of data and insights-driven analytics to deliver more value to their customers and to be able to respond to rapidly changing environments. However, they are often limited by their complicated and siloed environments, inconsistent processes, and legacy data technology. The suite of modern data and analytics offerings from AWS can help companies transform the way they leverage data by providing an integrated ecosystem on which to build a next-generation data environment.

Join DataArt and AWS on October 28 to hear the latest insights on:

    • Types of modern data and analytics architectures:

Get an overview of key reference architectures and patterns for specific use cases, and of their respective business benefits

    • Data and analytics modernization patterns that enable innovation:

Learn how most DataArt clients start their data and analytics transformation journeys

    • Leverage AWS data services to unlock business agility:

Hear about recent advancements in AWS data and analytics to understand how specific AWS capabilities can make your data and analytics more agile and future-proof

    • Fit-for-purpose database technology:

Learn about the advanced data and analytics foundation provided by AWS, and how to benefit from using multiple integrated fit-for purpose services on a unified platform vs. a single data warehouse solution designed for a narrow set of use cases)

    • AWS Lake Formation:

Explore the advantages of end-to-end enterprise data lake solutions

    • Data and analytics without infrastructure headaches:

Review the current state of serverless data and analytics capabilities on AWS


Oleg Komissarov

Principal Consultant at DataArt, based in New York, USA

Alexey Utkin

Principal Solution Consultant at DataArt, based in London, UK

Jayme Hart

Business Development - Data and Analytics Solutions for Insurance, AWS